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the clipboard to-do list

April 24, 2018

Okay, I said I was going to write more about the tidying up book, and I am, but I have another quick little post for today. 


 The Bible talks about the "nagging wife." As in, we should NOT be one.  It also talks about the good woman in Proverbs 31 who keeps her family "busy and productive."  How do you keep everyone busy and productive without nagging you ask?!?!  


This one little clipboard helps me accomplish both.  


I always have a zillion things to do. I always have things I need Mike's help with.  The big girls always have tasks to do. (clean up your room, pack your lunch, find you shoes in the backyard, read for at least 20 minutes, math IXL, etc. etc.) 


 I often feel like one job just leads to another and another. It can overwhelm my brain and make me feel anxious and irritable. I often cross 1 thing off and add 3 more.  Such is life, right?  Instead of trying to remember all that I need to do, and all that I need Mike's help with, and all that my kids need to do,  I keep an ongoing To-Do list on my kitchen counter between the refrigerator and the stove, and conveniently, right where my man makes his coffee.  The glasses and mugs are in the cabinet right above here, so honestly, it's unavoidable. You can't even pretend like you don't see it! (Not that any of my sweet people world try that! HA!)


I love the clipboard because some of the to-dos involve paperwork.  All the paperwork is behind the list.  


This really is so helpful in keeping our house running smoothly.  Everyone gets a ton of work done each day.  In fact, some days, especially Sunday, it needs to be put away because if you are like me, you can become so focused on getting stuff done, that you forget to unwind and just be present and loving with your family. We are also expected to keep the Sabbath, a big struggle for me!   


Get yourself a clipboard and some loose-leaf paper.  Clear your mind of the chaos. You will feel so good every time you mark off another item.  You can keep your family off the devices (at least some of the time) and on to things that matter.  If you need more exercise, add 10 minutes of exercise to your list.  (That would be me!)  If you want to read more, add that. Just realized your Driver's License is expired, add that, too.  A birthday gift you need to buy, add that.  Returns to make... you get the idea.    If you want to get your house in order, write down one small task in one place to get cleaned up and out today.  Write down small, manageable task that you really can complete. 


I promise, you will have more Joy in the Chaos with your list.


****  What's with the Juice Boxes, you ask? I am not naming names, but some little people in my house think that every time they are thirsty, a juice box is needed.  A couple of other people generously pass them out when I'm not looking.  All the time!  Drives me nuts!  They are intended for the lunch boxes and that's it.  I'm sure you have things that drive you batty too!  Add that to your list.  See if your people will actually read it and listen...








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