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my mom...what I love about her mothering

November 11, 2018

Today's my Momma's birthday.  And I want to celebrate her by writing about how she loves.  


It was recently Mike's birthday.  She sent him a birthday card with the sweetest little note.  I gave her a little bit of a hard time about it, because unlike me, she doesn't write a lot of words in cards.  Instead she finds a card that already says what she wants it to say. :-) I said, "Hey, you don't even write even me notes like that!" But she knew I was kidding, and she knew it made me HAPPY! 


Anyone who loves Mike, loves me.  We take the "two shall become one" seriously.  My mom finds all the good in Mike.  She tells him, she loves him well. My mom sees the good in my kids, and she tells them.  She loves them well.  Loving them well is loving me well, every.sinlge.time!  


When she loves the people in my house well, it is the sweetest gift to ME.  She helps me see and celebrate the good in every person in my house.  When she comes around, I swear, my love for our kids grows.  My appreciation for Mike grows.  I love that instead of pointing out their flaws, and mine!,  she finds the good and VOICES it.  


If you are a momma with grown kids and grandkids, the BEST gift you can give them is to celebrate their married family.  You could be tempted to point our their flaws, but trust me, they already see them and know them, and live with them.  Instead of focusing in on the "needs help qualities" help them seek the GOOD in their spouse and babies.  Celebrate the good.  I, I know...that will cause the good to GROW! And Grow! And Grow!


My mom is also the person I call to tell things I can't tell other people.  She's my go-to person to celebrate GOOD.  I can tell her, "You won't believe what so-and-so did at school, or said, or what so-and-so's teachers said about them.  I can tell her good news all day long, and she'll listen and she'll laugh and she'll be so happy!  I love that she celebrates all of our success.  


She shows up.  Her and my dad are so good about traveling however far they need to go to show up.  While she's there, she'll do your laundry and straighten your house and buy you dinner. She'll gladly get up early with babies and let you sleep in or she'll sit out on the rides at amusement parks to hold babies, even screaming babies.  Even Miss Ella.  And we all know how Miss Ella hollers! 


She forgives.  I'll never forget being sick as can be and completely overwhelmed after having Ella. I think I might have been fresh out of ICU.  She showed up and watched Ella, brand-spanking-new, plus my other 3 kids, while Mike and I were in the hospital. (me with postpartum preeclampsia)  She not only watched them, but she kept them fed and the laundry done.  I hope it was the meds speaking, but I can clearly remember being so rude to her about not separating the girls laundry right.  I don't remember what it was, but I know I was ugly about it, and I know that when I apologized, she didn't skip a beat in forgiving and going right back to helping me.  I love that she always seeks to love us, no matter what.  She doesn't hold on to our mistakes, but seeks to have peace and joy and happiness. 


When Mike and I left our Catholic roots and settled in at a new Christian Church that we absolutely love, she (and my dad) supported us.  When they are in town with us, they'll even go to church with us.  I can see how that could have rocked some people's world, but not momma.  She kept right on loving us even when we chose a different path. 


I guess what I am trying to say is, she loves us unconditionally.  All of us.  Not just me.  No matter what. No matter where we go or what we do.  She keeps on loving.  


Be that kinda momma bear! That's what I want to do when my own babies grow up.  That's what I'm trying to do now...somedays better than others. 


Love you, Momma!  Happy Birthday! 





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