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calming your mind

June 22, 2020

Calming your mind.


Sleeping better.


Losing or Maintaining weight.  


Having energy.




First of all.  Thank you for your kindness.  I am always blown away that anyone actually reads this blog.  I am not an expert on ANYTHING.  Although I am knocking on 40's door, I still feel too young to be in a position to write.  But here I am, writing, and here you are reading, and being incredibly supportive and kind, and I am SO thankful for YOU. 


About a month ago I was listening to Edie Wadsworth's podcast, Your Best Beautiful Life.  She was talking about anxiety and stress and worry and how you could "physically" release that from your body through exercise.  She talked about how exercise helped her to clear her mind.  Everywhere I turned, books, podcast, social media, etc., it felt like God was making it abundantly clear to me that it was time for me to start being more than just "busy" but really "exercising."


For my entire life, I have been naturally "thin" so I sadly have given myself an excuse NOT to exercise. I am not an idle person, and do not sit, so I've always thought being "busy" and "thin" were enough.  Plus, let's be honest, exercise is hard. Hot. Sweaty.  It hurts. I hate running. I have workout videos and weights and a yoga mat, but if I am honest....I don't enjoy it, therefore I don't ever consistently "DO IT."  I am certainly not waking up early to make anything I hate happen. 


Back in May I started riding my bike, something that I LOVE. You  can ride several miles quickly without too much pain, you get to be outside, you sort of create your own "breeze," it feels "fun"... I love it.  I discovered that my apple watch would keep track of my miles and time and I started setting goals.  


First just a few miles and then I have increased more and more.  I try to ride at least 5 miles every morning before the kids wake up, and another 5 in the evening with Mike after dinner. Sometimes the kiddos tag along for part of the trip. I am trying to decrease my time per mile, so I really like to go alone, ride fast, and reach my exercise goal. Today I hit the goal by 7:10 am and it felt so GOOD!!!  


It has been life-changing.


I know that sounds a tad dramatic, but it is true.  I sleep so much better.  I often wake up in the morning thinking, Wait!  I didn't wake up in the night, worrying over one silly thing and then another.  If I do wake up, I can fall right back to sleep, but mostly I am sleeping through the night for the first time in YEARS!!!


I am keeping off weight that I needed to lose.  I can still have things that I love without too much guilt.  I know that the exercise will help keep me in check.  My clothes fit me so much better!  Therefore I feel so much better!


I can focus.  I sleep well enough now that I don't constantly feel "too tired."  An over-tired unrested brain has a hard time focusing.  It feel so good to be able to start and complete a task without constantly being distracted.   


I have energy.  I am not constantly thinking, I wish I could nap! or Is it bedtime yet?!?!  It feels so good to get through day, accomplishing all the things I need to accomplish, without feeling like I am dragging myself from one thing to the next.  


My mind feels calm.  Because I never "wanted" to exercise, I never really accepted that exercise could help you cope with worry/anxiety.  For the record...I have been WRONG.  So WRONG.  If I could rewind the clock on my life, I'd go back and convince myself that even though I was thin, some would even say "too thin" or "skinny" I would not let myself off the hook for finding some form of exercise that I love.  


Do it.  


You are WORTH it.


Go for a walk. Pay the gym membership.  Buy a bike.  Go for a run.  Swim.  Do a workout video.  Keep looking until you find something that YOU LOVE.  Something that you'll wake up super early, before your family to do.  You will not believe how incredibly different you will feel.  Physically and Mentally.


I love to listen to podcast while I ride my bike, so as an added bonus, I feel like I am always learning.  Sometimes I just enjoy the quiet.  Sometimes I pray. Sometimes Mike and talk about things that we finally have time to discuss.  The benefits are endless.  


Don't wait another day.  DO it!  (If you live in a warm climate, Go EARLY to beat the heat!) If you want to get the most out of your life, if you want to find Joy and Peace in the chaos, GO!  Find  a form of exercise that you LOVE.  You won't regret it! 


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June 22, 2020

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